Board Meeting Minutes June 10, 2017

Crystal Lake Town Home Association

20147 Crystal Lake Way

Frankfort, Il 60423 /

Board Meeting June 10, 2017

Old Plank Trail Bank, Frankfort, IL.


Roll call 09:00; Present: Paul Sorensen, Jim Weglewski, Ryan Hudson, Stu Lindsay

Absent: Peg Berezewski


Old Business

Concrete and driveway work, inspect and schedule repairs

Damage to drain tiles by landscapers west side, landscapers will make the repairs at their expense

Downspouts, clogged underground drains check costs to have system cleaned

Concrete and patio cleaning, looking for a contractor to do work reasonably.

Website additions, security? Website has been checked and is secure-

Declarations have been requested by real estate agents. Copies are $20.00, we will scan the file, so we can email it in future.

Treasurer’s  report

Treasurer absent, report will be emailed and posted to website

Lawyers have requested information, forms, etc. for home sales. Board may charge fees for copies and filing

Late fees, late/missed payments discuss options with our lawyer.

New business

Determine board members terms of office;

Paul-1 year, Jim-2 years, Ryan-2 years, Peg-2 years, Stu-1 year

Sprinkler electrical, programming, and damaged heads have been repaired. Sprinkler System appears to be operating normally.

The board received a signed complaint from a resident regarding the appearance of a neighbors patio, etc.- discuss and consider the appropriate action.


Adjourn meeting at:10.42

Next meeting, July 8, 2017


For the board, Stu Lindsay, secretary

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